My Routine Short Story E-Book


This short story includes:

-18 pages

– Over 200 everyday words including 30 verbs

– An accompanying audio file to provide listening and pronunciation practice

– Translation at the end of the story

– Questions to test your understanding

– A list of verbs

E-Book: You will receive a download link to the book and audio file once your order has been placed.

Physical Copy: You will receive a download link to the audio file only. Shipping costs will be shown once the delivery address is added and may take up to 4 weeks depending on your location.



My Routine is one of a three-part series of short stories written entirely in colloquial (Najdi) Saudi Arabic. These books have been designed to expose those seeking to learn spoken Saudi Arabic to authentic phrases used by native speakers, in an interactive manner.

This book focuses on the present tense used to describe routines and habits and contains over 200 words, including 30 verbs, which are used by native Saudi speakers. 


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