100 Saudi Dialect Anki Flashcards (Intermediate)

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100 flashcards containing over 500 words with Arabic and English text. Each card contains an audio recording to help with the pronunciation. Listen to some sample audios below.

Topics and phrases include:

  • Small Talk
  • At Work
  • At the Restaurant
  • Directions


Buy an Anki deck which contains 100 flashcards spoken by a native Saudi speaker.

This deck is suitable for those who already have a basic knowledge of the Saudi dialects and will help them build up their fluency by learning over 500 new words including some of the most common nouns and verbs required for everyday conversing.

These flashcards are designed to be used on the official Anki app which is available on Android and iOS for mobile phones or free to download and use on your laptop or computer. Anki utilises spaced repetition, a technique in which material is reviewed at specific intervals over a long period of time ensuring it is engrained into your long-term memory.

Research conducted by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus suggests that this method is superior to simple memorisation, especially when learning a language, as most new material learnt is forgotten within 24 hours of learning if it is not repeatedly recalled.

1 review for 100 Saudi Dialect Anki Flashcards (Intermediate)

  1. Adam Timson

    I was eagerly awaiting these flashcards because I’ve recently moved to Saudi Arabia and wanted to be able to speak with my colleagues at work and in the shops. Can honestly say that there is nothing like this available for the Saudi dialect with the pronunciation and equivalent English translation. I can’t wait for the story book to be added.

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